5 nov. 2007

Into The Wild

Hoy estaba viendo esta entrevista a Eddie Vedder que le hace Billboard y posteada por ésta web (altamente recomendada por cierto, sobretodo su parte de audio, la nota completa a Eddie en ese link claro), está en inglés asi que si no saben el idioma sería una buena forma de comenzar (?) y si lo conocen una buena forma de ejercitarlo un poco. En fin, lo que me llamó la atención de la nota fue una parte muy interesante (la que está en negrita) en la que el integrante de Pearl Jam habla de algo que habitualmente me llega sea de quién sea.

"What are your thoughts on the perception of the character? Some people have come down hard on McCandless for never contacting his family during his trip.

I think Sean and Jon Krakuer were successful in presenting the truth. There are elements of it that weren't pretty. If the kid makes it back, I'm sure he would have shared his story with his family and I'm sure he would have reconnected. I shouldn't say sure, but you can imagine him reconnecting, certainly with his sister. As he matured, I think he'd start to forgive, if for no other reason than for the sake of progressing. At some point, you see that there's a real powerful, positive energy from forgiveness.

Some of his actions were really bold. To part with his money ... to do what he did without money to fund his trip and make it comfortable, without taking classes or waiting for permits to go down rivers or to hike trails, or the fact that he didn't take a map, were choices he made in order to get to the truth of the matter, whatever that matter was to him. The truth of his existence, or a human's existence on this planet. A lot of people aren't going to understand that, and that's their prerogative. I actually respect those decisions. I'm going to respect anyone's choices if they want to live this life to get ultimate value out of it. I think one of the reasons a lot of people are uncomfortable with this idea is that maybe they haven't done it themselves.

In regards to people having opinions, when we say things at shows, sometimes people don't like, I hear, us mentioning that we are at war. Even if we bring out a veteran and introduce them to somebody who has been involved. Some people feel that this is time when we could be playing a B-side or something. To me, this is equivalent to somebody sitting in the back seat of a car, and the car is hitting people and killing them, and they're asking for the heat to be turned up or the air-conditioning to be turned down -- something in regards to their comfort level.

Right now, if people have something to say about the issue, then I'm all for it, whatever it is. If their comment or critique is, they don't want to hear the conversation, I have no patience for that whatsoever. I think that's anti-patriotic. That's one of the reasons we got into this mess -- people shirking their duties as Americans to have an opinion and to lead our leaders. So when I hear about people talking about McCandless doing this or doing that, I'd have to know what they've been through to even know whether I can put any stock in their critique."

Información sobre la película dirigida por el groso de Sean Penn y en la cual Eddie Vedder es el encargado de la música del largometraje (ojo que está en Flash y a muchos les va como una carreta con este formato): Into The Wild .

"Yo fui el que lo dijo al final"

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SirThomas dijo...

banda que no ha logrado llamarme la atención, quizás porque Eddie no tenga mi número (chiste al paso, malo pero que quizás arranque alguna sonrisa, tampoco hay que menospreciarse)

con una mano en el corazón, confieso que no leí el post (bueno, la parte en inglés, lo que está en castellano sí) con mas tiempo la releo y veo si logro sacar algo positivo.

Abrazo ceasar

César dijo...

jajaja! A mi me aniquiló el "con una mano en el corazón" :P . Un abrazo!!